Business valuation of economical green modernization

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Business valuation of economical green modernization

Experts from the Institute of Green Economy and Support Program “green” modernization of the Ukrainian economy GIZ survey was conducted among 30 companies from Kyiv, and also Dnipropetrovsk, Sumy, Volyn, Rivne and Chernivtsi regions. It was also involved previous 6 profiles, in total 36 companies.

The first set of questions examines the awareness of companies about “green” modernization of the business. Almost 40% of enterprises (14 companies) do not have enough information on how to make their business more environmentally friendly. The most informative source of knowledge about green upgrades were identified the local authorities, public and international organizations. Each third receives information from these institutions. Government agencies, private banks and chambers of commerce have less demand, their advice using 2 firms (12%). Almost all polled firms (33 firms, 91.6%) believe that getting informational consultations about “green” economic modernization would help them to develop their business.

The second set of questions relates to permits for resource use, waste disposal, emissions into the atmosphere. In percentage permits for resource use, waste disposal, air emissions have less than one third of respondents, namely 10 firms (27.8%). According to this information, we can conclude that the state system is imperfect, because 7 out of 10 organizations had trouble in obtaining the documentation. In addition, according to statistics, the state has problems with regulatory bodies, as two-thirds of companies do not have any permission.

The third set of questions includes questions of energy efficiency of company. From 36 companies, 29 gave a positive answer to a question about energy efficiency. The most popular measure was the room thermal insulation, and replacing or upgrading equipment placed second. The fastest growing segment is lighting – 8 companies, 22% of all projects related to the replacement of lighting equipment for energy efficient and measures to control lighting.

The fourth set of questions related to alternative and renewable energy sources, only4 firms, 11% of companies are using at the enterprise alternative or \ and renewable energy. The fifth set of questions – economy of natural resources. This question engaged by nearly two-thirds of organizations. These are: minimizing waste and recycling (17 firms, 47%), cost of raw materials (14 firms, 39%) and water (10 firms, 28%).

The sixth set of questions connected with the introduction of environmental management and green production. About a third of companies has implemented an environmental management system at the enterprise: 10 companies, 34% to improve the company’s reputation; 8 companies, 26% due to customers’ requirements and 7 companies, 24% to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the company.

The main reasons that led enterprises to produce\offer environmental goods and services – is the foundation of their business (12 firms, 37.5%) of the companies producing environmental products for the company’s image (8 firms, 25%) and to increase the competitiveness of the market (7 firms, 21.9%).

The survey showed that only two firms (which is 5.6%) had the experience of receiving concessional financing or investments for “green” upgrades. The first one entered from state agencies, another from an international organization.

Barriers Drivers
Lack of awareness of green modernization of the economy, energy- and resource- efficiencyOutdated legislation and administrative obstacles to the green modernizationThe high cost of measures energy- and resource efficiencyOutdated energy- and resource- costly equipment

Leaders does not understand the benefits of energy efficiency

A long payback period renewable sources

Lack of experience and skills in implementing environmental management systems.

Lack of interest and lack of knowledge of potential buyers in the environmental goods and services

Major costs for financing the production of environmental goods and services.

Difficulties upon receipt of loans on green upgrades – complicated bureaucracy

Low environmental awareness of staff

The absence in Ukraine the processing of certain types of waste

Information about the green economy modernization:- from local authorities- from NGOs- from international organizations

– an independent search for information

Simplification of procedures and the development of the legal framework

The calculation of the expected economic efficiency of measures for energy and resource- efficiency, involving their own reserves and in part attraction of credit funds

Application of new technology solutions for implementing energy- and resource efficiency

The proof of economic attractiveness and technological feasibility of the project improving energy- and resource efficiency

Plans of concessional lending of business

Environmental Management Training

Informing and advertising

Improving the company image and market extension


Inform the staff, increasing environmental awareness

Promoting new technologies for processing waste

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