Adaptation to climate change

Adaptation to climate change and global warming – a natural or man adaptation systems in response to actual or expected climatic changes and their consequences. Adapting directly linked to the sensitivity of the system and aims to reduce its vulnerability to unfavorable environmental consequences. Adaptation to climate change can reduce their own vulnerability and use the favorable conditions.

Even if they used the most effective measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stabilize, it does not mean the absence of further climate change. The inertia of the climate system will make the planet a long time feel these effects, making the need to adapt to changes inevitable. The role of adaptation increases with the magnitude and rate of climate change.

Adaptation is particularly important for developing countries. According to forecasts, these countries are experiencing the brunt of the effects of global warming. The ability of people and ecosystems to adapt unevenly distributed across regions and population groups, as developing countries tend to have fewer opportunities to adapt.

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