Strategic environmental assessment (SEA), environmental impact assessment and environmental audit

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) – a systematic process of evaluating the environmental consequences of proposed policies, plans and programs to ensure that they take account of the early stages of decision-making with social and economic aspects.

SEA is the process of analyzing and taking into account the impact of proposed policies, plans, programs and other strategic initiatives (including new laws and regulations) on the environment and human health.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) – is designed to identify the nature, intensity and degree of danger of influence of any kind of planned economic activities on the environment and public health.

Holding ATS future economic and other activities on the environment contributes to the adoption of environmentally competent management decisions on the implementation of the planned economic and other activities by identifying possible adverse effects environmental impact assessment, taking into account public opinion, the development of measures to reduce and prevent action.

Environmental audit – is documented systematic independent evaluation process object eekolohichnoho audit, including gathering evidence and objective assessment to match certain types of activities, events, conditions, environmental management system and information on these issues with the legislation of Ukraine on Health Protection environmental and other criteria for environmental audit.

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