Why entrepreneurs do not implement the green economy?

ByВячеслав Потапенко

Why entrepreneurs do not implement the green economy?

Blitz survey of Ukrainian entrepreneurs.

As part of the project “Monitoring the greening of the economy in the implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement”, carried out with the support of the Renaissance Foundation, a survey of domestic enterprises was conducted (Blitz-Interview Method) in order to:
– Assess the level of awareness of entrepreneurs and find out what information is missing in order to bring their business processes into line with the concept of a green economy;
– to identify problems faced by enterprises in the process of “greening”; to monitor the attitude (expectations, mood, public opinion) of entrepreneurs towards the implementation of “greening” processes.

The survey took place during the International Forum INNOVATION MARKET 2018 (21-23 November 2018), the International Food Products Fair UKRAINIAN FOOD EXPO (December 12-14, 2018). In the course of the conducted survey, it was discovered
low awareness of entrepreneurs about support measures and green stimulation,
poor awareness of the implementation of sustainable financing principles,
the unwillingness of some entrepreneurs to implement “green” measures that they can not explain (the reason – they do not see the benefits and benefits of such activities)

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